LMR Music News May 2023

Hello everyone!  Feels like summer is already happening in NYC with a couple of unseasonably warm days last week.  The cherry blossoms were in full bloom in Prospect Park when I was over there busking at Endale Arch near the library, utilizing the spectacular acoustics of that enclosed space.  

On Tuesday evening (5/23) @ 6pm), I'll be with the Lucas Maehara Band doing an early one at Rockwood Music Hall as a fundraiser for the amazing Team TLC NYC to support their ongoing efforts to welcome and assist recently arrived asylum seekers. We'll have Doug Pierson on stand up bass, Isai Santos on drums and our newest addition, Jason Sasai on guitar! With larger numbers of arrivals expected with the rescinding of the Trump era title 42, the continued bussing of asylum seekers from the border to NYC and the horrifying backlash against vulnerable recent immigrants and refugees in this country, mutual aid organizations like Team TLC NYC need all the financial support they can get to continue their essential, humanitarian work.  Hope you can make it out!

They say, "it takes a village..."  This is certainly true of artistic endeavors as well.  Hoping I can get my village of independent music lovers to support my upcoming release of "Lost and Found" (my first recording project since 2015) by boosting my presence on social media and streaming services prior to dropping my first single, "Flamin' Midnight Crowne" in July.  If you haven't done so already, can I get folks to click the link below to like and follow me on instagram?: 

Lucas Maehara Music on Instagram 

And while you're at it, could you also show me some love on Spotify by following/liking/adding songs to your playlists from prior recordings?:

Last Roundup-Melodic Miners on Spotify

Lead Me Back-Melodic Miners on Spotify

Where the Day Goes-Lucas Rotman on Spotify

Thanks to all of you!


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