Living Room Concerts 

“Bringin’ it home to you!” 

Need some music in your life?  Ready to break out of the pandemic doldrums?  Bring Lucas into your home for a truly personal musical experience. 

What’s a Living Room Concert? 

It’s a private show, in your space, for you and your guests. The host can either ask guests for a suggested donation or do a collection (pass the hat) to compensate the artist.  Since the performance occurs in your home or apartment, there’s no need for special sound equipment.  The atmosphere is friendly and informal and everyone is close to the performance.  

Not ready for indoor gatherings quite yet? 

Living Room concerts can also be done in your backyard, on your porch, deck or even the rooftop!   Lucas will bring the equipment necessary to fit the sound space and the occasion. 

Want to raise money for a worthy cause? 
Living Room Concerts are a great way to fundraise for charities, NGO’s, schools and social justice initiatives.   

Let Lucas bring the live music experience directly to you and your friends.

Contact Lucas about your Living Room Concert: