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Lucas Maehara Rotman Music News June 


Hello everyone!  Summer is in full gear now, with plenty of heat and humidity coming down, along with a bunch of rain up here in Sullivan County, NY where we relocate for a good part of the summer.  While we are still die-hard Brooklynites, Jen and I love to spend our summer's up here in the country near the Delaware River (maybe even some of the fall as we go forth, now that we are both officially retired from the NYC Department of Education).

Music-wise, I spend my time playing up in this neck of…

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LMR Music News May 2023 

Hello everyone!  Feels like summer is already happening in NYC with a couple of unseasonably warm days last week.  The cherry blossoms were in full bloom in Prospect Park when I was over there busking at Endale Arch near the library, utilizing the spectacular acoustics of that enclosed space.  

On Tuesday evening (5/23) @ 6pm), I'll be with the Lucas Maehara Band doing an early one at Rockwood Music Hall as a fundraiser for the amazing Team TLC NYC to support their ongoing efforts to welcome and assist…

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Lucas Maehara Rotman Music News for April 2023 

Happy Spring!  Spending the weekend in Sullivan County, NY where there is a very vibrant music scene.  Look forward to hearing my amazingly prolific songwriting friends, The Poison Love Band at the newly opened Bridge and Tunnel Brewery in Liberty, New York and then over to Rafter's Tavern  to see the super talented, Robert Tellefson Band at Rafter's Tavern in Callicoon, NY.  

For the spring and summer months, I'll be spending more time out here in the country and have a couple of shows coming up myself in…

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Lucas Maehara Rotman Music News for March 2023 

Dear Friends,

How are you all?  Hope everyone is well!  It’s a gray, Brooklyn afternoon, chilly but nowhere near as cold as it could be!  Just a few updates I would like to share with everyone.

The Lost and Found Tour continues this month as the Lucas Maehara Band heads over to Freddy’s Bar for a Brooklyn show on Friday, March 17th on a Friday night!  Looking forward to playing there again (it’s been quite awhile!) and promoting the songs from my upcoming release of the “Lost and Found” album due out in…

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Lucas Maehara Rotman Music News for February 2023 

Lucas Music News #4

February 6, 2023 

Dear Friends, 

February is already upon us!  Hope everyone's hanging in there…if only by a thread?  For my teacher peeps, you guys almost at that essential landmark, 100th day of school (I remember it well)! 

Just putting out the word that the “Lost and Found Tour” continues with a second show at the Rockwood Music Hall (196 Allen street) next Thursday, February 16th at 7pm.  This will again be a fundraiser to support the incredible work of Team TLCNYC, caring…

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Collaboration with Nadine De Macedo 

For those of you thinking about friends who you may not have been able to see this holiday, but who are still very much in your hearts, this is a musical collaboration I did with songwriter/producer/musician Nadine De Macedo last year as part of FAWM (February Album Writing Month). Not my usual folky/country stuff for a change...Hope you like it!" 

Lucas Maehara Rotman Music Update 12/27/2022  

Happy New Year everyone!  Brooklyn is feeling much less frigid today and temps will supposedly be climbing all week to spring like proportions (wha??!). 

Thanks to everyone who was able to make it out to the show at Rockwood Music Hall last week!  So grateful to everyone who took a break from their personal holiday madness to make it such an awesome first time playing experience at Rockwood!  Special thanks to my LMR trio mates, Brewster Smith and Jeff Anderson and, of course, to those magical Melodic…

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Lucas Maehara Rotman Music Update 12/13/2022 

Hope everyone is doing well, gearing up for the holidays.  Busy times for everyone!  
Exciting news!! On February 8th, I’ll be headed over to Leesta Vall Studios in Brooklyn to record a handful of one-of-a-kind 7” vinyl singles with @leestavall as part of their Direct-To-Vinyl Live Sessions project. Here’s how it works: You choose the song, from either my prior recordings or from my upcoming release, “Lost and Found” and I will perform it LIVE as the record's cut in real time - making you the only owner of…

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Lucas Maehara Rotman Music Update 11/12/2022 

Dear Friends,  

How are you?  Hope you’re well!  The days are shorter and chillier, and the rain is hurtling down in Brooklyn this afternoon.  As I attempt to develop and grow as a singer/songwriter/musician, I just wanted to keep you all updated on gigs and new projects in the near future!  

In anticipation of the release of new music from a variety of sources (Upcoming Lost and Found Album and Tour, vinyl single with Leesta Vall Sound Studios, and “How Are You”, a collaboration with songwriter Nadine De

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