Lucas Maehara Rotman Music News for March 2023

Dear Friends,

How are you all?  Hope everyone is well!  It’s a gray, Brooklyn afternoon, chilly but nowhere near as cold as it could be!  Just a few updates I would like to share with everyone.

The Lost and Found Tour continues this month as the Lucas Maehara Band heads over to Freddy’s Bar for a Brooklyn show on Friday, March 17th on a Friday night!  Looking forward to playing there again (it’s been quite awhile!) and promoting the songs from my upcoming release of the “Lost and Found” album due out in April.  

Thanks to everyone who participated in my Leesta Vall Vinyl Collaboration!  Andrea Wilches and I had a great time recording live studio tracks for everyone, they really have quite an operation going over there!  It was quite something to watch Gules Asperti set up the studio, record, mix, master and even create the actual vinyl record all by herself.  I recently contacted the Leesta Vall folks and it turns out that your records are on their way and will be shipped to you in just a couple weeks.  Thanks so much for your patience!  I will check in again at the end of the month to see if anyone had problems getting their orders.

As I get myself organized for the upcoming Spring/Summer/Fall musical season, I thought I would let folks know that I am hoping to begin a series of Living Room Concerts in the NYC and Sullivan County areas.  What is a Living Room Concert?  It’s a live show in your home!  It could be in your apartment, living room, or if you have one, in your backyard, on your porch or in a shared community/neighborhood space.  This is a terrific way to raise money for an organization, charity or cause of your choice. Interested in finding out more?  You can check out the section of my website below and sign up if you’re interested!:


Finally, a big ‘thank you’ to everyone who came out to our fundraiser for Team TLCNYC last month!  We were able to raise over $600 to assist Asylum Seekers in getting their start here in NYC.  This is an amazing organization and It was a fun night!  Big thanks to Pauline David Sax, Doug Pierson and David Christian for playing with me!  You guys sounded amazing!


Much Love,